Organic is synonymous with a production method, but also with a lifestyle, more aware and responsible, attentive to the sustainability and healthiness of what ends up on our tables. The short supply chain reduces or completely eliminates the various steps that the products have to go through to get from the producer to the consumer. This in fact means reducing the pollution caused by transport, selling only seasonal and therefore fresh products, limited storage time as well as a development tool for local communities and local economies.

Organic items are produced exclusively with raw materials from organic farming and certified in compliance with the BIO regulations of the European Union.

Each individual product follows the necessary process in order to achieve organic product certification.

Among our productions you can find:

  • Organic sugar, commonly called as well as conventional organic sucrose sugar, is used in various fields from pastry to agriculture.
  • Organic sugar granules or organic granulated sugar is a classic component for decorations that are baked or pastry products. Organic sugar grains, which do not contain gluten, produced by extruding granulated sugar and dried in a special oven. Ideal if you want to produce organic sweets with the application of certified toppings.
  • Organic fine sugar, also commonly called organic icing sugar, contains a maximum of 3% organic corn starch to give smoothness and avoid packing. It differs from organic sugar due to its granulometry and its composition. Organic icing sugar is obtained by grinding and blending organic sugar and organic corn starch.

Among the resale products that can be found in our list also:

  • Organic corn starch

If you need other products that are not included in our price lists, do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to search with our suppliers and find the right product for your needs!

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