We are not only a sugar wholesaler both nationally and internationally, we are also producers of both organic and conventional powdered sugar in different formats, of both organic and conventional sugar grains; Copackers of powders also other than sugar such as yeast, salt and pepper, food supplements and other food powders in different formats. We are manufacturers of single-dose sachets of sugar and sweeteners both generic and customized with customer’s brand for the horeca sector in different formats. We deal with the packaging and / or marketing of products for confectionery industries such as starches, cocoa, dextrose, dehydrated glucose and glucose syrup, invert sugar, potato starch, water-repellent dusting etc, in addition to the packaging and / or marketing of products for the vending sector such as 1 kg granulated sugar and sugar in sachets of different formats, both generic and customized with the customer’s brand.

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    In the horeca sector those products such as sugar in 1 kg or 25 kg packs, sugar in single-dose sachets of different weights (from 3 g to 5 g) converge, also customizable with the customer’s brand, sweeteners in 1 g sachets, also customizable by brand customer and single dose honey etc.

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    Laboratories and confectionery industries

    In the laboratories and confectionery industries products such as sugar in 25 kg packs and in big bags, powdered sugar in various formats, including sachets for panettone, starches, additives, granulated sugar etc.

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    In the Vending sector, the special sieved sugar Vending jug with easy opening and single-dose sachets in different formats and packages converge.

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    In the Co-Packing sector all those powder products that are packaged for subcontracting converge. To date we can give examples such as salt, pepper and various aromas, yeasts and food supplements.

Our products

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Powdered sugar

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Bio area

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Sugar grains

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Special sugars

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Decorative products

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Not just sugars

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Our experience of over 40 years at your service

Our experience of over 40 years at your service

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